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FRICTIONLESS: Closing and Negotiating with Purpose

FRICTIONLESS: Closing and Negotiating with Purpose



NOW AVAILABLE FRICTIONLESS: Closing and Negotiating with Purpose

Customers are savvier than ever, so without knowing how to negotiate and close deals, you'll find yourself selling out of desperation instead of inspiration. You know selling is a zero-sum game—either you sell them or someone else does. You want to improve your selling skills; unfortunately, available training is outdated or irrelevant. You just need someone to show you the proven path to negotiate and close deals more effectively so you can maximize your earning potential. 

Industry veteran and top sales trainer, Tim Kintz is here to help. 

In Frictionless, Tim shares strategies and techniques you can use to create a win-win negotiation, deliver an exceptional experience while holding gross, and set up future deals. By shifting your mindset toward becoming a relational salesperson—rather than a transactional one—you'll go from simply surviving to true success in car sales. You'll make more money, enjoy a higher quality of life, have happier customers, and go from having a job to a full-blown career.  

Hardback only / 268 pages

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