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Flash cards have survived the test of time, remaining one of the best tools for learning and processing new information. They foster engagement and memorization in a process of learning known as active recall. By utilizing this method, the Closer Cards help you make stronger neural connections, boost your reflexes and ultimately close more deals.

Designed to simulate a number of common customer interactions, Closer Cards work to prepare you for the objections, closes and opportunities you’re bound to encounter on the job. No longer are you left fumbling over what to say to your customers. Active Recall gives you the tools you need to respond on a dime.

Each set includes four tabletop, partner games as well as four pocket guides for when you want to practice alone. Quit coming up with excuses and get to practicing. You’ve got customers waiting for you! 

  • Bypassing:
    You’ve learned what the customer wants and found them the perfect car—until everything comes to a halt when the customer starts asking tough questions. Instead of getting stuck, bypass those questions by learning to answer with the right phrase on instinct. This set of Bypass Closer Cards helps you practice and memorize key responses to common objections so you’re never left at a loss for words.
  • Closing:
    The right response at the right moment can make or break the deal. With the Closing card set, learn the best way to close in any situation, so you’re prepared no matter what a customer throws at you. This card set emphasizes one of the biggest problems of the closing process: negotiating price. Learn how to maximize your profits while successfully closing your sales.
  • Questions:
    Getting a customer to say yes is any sales person’s goal. When they’re happy, you’re happy. The Questions Closer Cards will teach you the right way to ask questions to help you nail those answers every time. Steer the conversation so you’ll succeed!
  • Feature Advantage Benefit (F.A.B.s):
    There’s no better way to grab a customer’s interest and get them excited about the product than by appealing to your product’s features, advantages, and benefits. In this card set, practice how to paint a mental image for the customer that hits on the F.A.B.s they’re most concerned with. Finally, follow up your pitch with a closing question that seals the deal.


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